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The space aims to promote reading and writing among students via the development of storytelling in classrooms.

For the purpose of teachers and classroom assistants having more tools to promote reading in their classrooms, from the 25th to 30th of April, three storytelling workshops were held for teachers, classroom assistants and IP teams from the Local Barrancas Public Education Service, who are now taking part in the Alfadeca Programme 2019.

33 professionals met at the event, with the aim of exchanging tools and techniques for storytelling development, all within the execution guidelines of the Alfadeca Programme developed by the Fundación Sara Raier de Rassmuss in 2018 in the communes of Pudahuel, Lo Prado and Cerro Navia.

For Ricardo H.C. Evangelista, Executive Director of FSRR, this initiative has meant the start of a series of activities that seek to promote reading and writing among young children. “The objective of these workshops is to promote reading and writing, we believe that through this storytelling strategy we can help parents, teachers and children develop their reading in the first year of school”.

For Monica Espinoza, year two teacher at the Millahue de Cerro Navia school, this experience has allowed her to validate several learning practices. “The workshop was different, it provided us with other tools that are not normally used in the classroom… The monitor reassured me that telling stories was good and was an important part of the learning process to help develop entertaining and fun reading spaces”.

The workshops were led by the actor Nicolas Toro, a recognised storyteller who worked with a book album to help promote the reading out loud, voice management, movement and learning of children’s stories.

  • Take a look at the workshop video here